Updates Regarding Visitor Policy

As many of you may have heard, there have been more updates from the Ministry of Long Term Care in regards to visiting policies. Click the link below to view the information package for your reference. I encourage you to read through it thoroughly.

Resuming Visits in LTC


At this time, there are only two changes that affect our visiting policy immediately:

  1. Visitors are no longer required to have a COVID screening test done for OUTDOOR visits
  2. Two (2) visitors may now come at the same time for an outdoor or window visit.


We will be working with the Ministry guidelines over the upcoming days to properly prepare our home and staff for indoor visits next week. Until we know what the procedures will look like for our home, we will not be changing/taking any reservations for indoor visits. We will send further information as soon as we have the required procedures in place.


As always, please pass on this information to any other family/friends that this may affect. Thank you for your patience.

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