Fairfield Park opened in 2000 and was the first long-term care home constructed within the Province of Ontario, designed to meet and exceed the new design standards developed and released by the Ministry of Health in 1998.

Fairfield Park is a 103 bed home, licensed and inspected regularly by the Ministry of Health to ensure that all standards are  met. Fairfield Park also participates in the Accreditation program through the Canadian Council in Health Services Accreditation.

Our Vision: To Be “The Home of Choice”

Our Mission: We are a family-oriented and operated Long-Term Care Home that provides, safe, quality and compassionate care and services to our community, continually striving for excellence.

Our Values: We are committed to make this our residents’ home

R. Respect  – Respect, honesty and integrity.
I. Innovation – Continually assessing and improving the quality of our services through best practice and creativity.
G. Growth  – Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth
H. Holistic Care – Recognizing and striving to meet the holistic needs of each resident with community involvement.
T. Teamwork – Promoting interdisciplinary team spirit and collaboration.
S. Safety  – Minimizing the risk of injury and/or illness

Committed to the quality of life of our residents 519-627-1663