Now Booking Visits Online

Beginning today, family and friends are now able to book their indoor and outdoor visits online. By clicking the link below you will be able to see what appointments are available for booking and reserve visits up to 30 days in advance. The calendar is currently live and you can book your appointments for any date after August 17th. If you have already booked a visit via phone or email, that visit will still occur at the arranged time.

Please remain mindful that there are many people who wish to visit their loved ones, and limit your visits to 1x/week. In special circumstances we may be able to offer additional visits, however to ensure all residents have an opportunity to see family, we must limit the number. If one resident has multiple visits booked in a week, a staff member may reach out to reschedule if the need arises.

You can still book a visit by telephone or email, however due to the high volume of calls it is often difficult to return calls right away. Whenever possible, please consider booking your visit online. I will be out of the office August 17-21 and will not be monitoring my email. If you are calling the home to book a visit, please speak with Leighara or Cathie.

If you are booking a window or virtual visit please call or email to arrange your time slot. This link is for indoor and outdoor visits only.

Visiting procedures have not changed. Please always remember your mask when you are on the property!

A friendly reminder that Drop Off times continue on Tuesdays 8-10am and Fridays 4:30-6:30pm at the front door. Please ensure all bags/boxes are clearly marked with the resident’s name.

Please share this information with all family members who may wish to visit.


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