November Newsletter

October brought us some beautiful weather which allowed us to get outside a lot and squeeze in a few more outdoor bands. In November we will be celebrating our veterans in the home with a Remembrance Day Service and a moment of silence.

We have had some questions come up lately regarding Family Council and Resident Council. Resident Council is a monthly meeting for residents only. This space allows our residents the opportunity to speak freely with each other and without staff or community members. A Family Council, if formed, would provide the same opportunity for families – a space to share, plan and brainstorm ways to best support their family members in the home. Although our current Resident Council has elected a staff member to be present, a family council would be operated by family members. We are happy to provide a space for a Family Council to meet. If you have any questions or would like to form a Family Council, please see Tracey Maxim.

Please remember to call Activities or book online to notify us if you plan to come and visit, whether inside or outside. There have been multiple instances of visitors coming to the home without making an appointment. Please call ahead so we can ensure the safety of all residents and staff in the home.

We continue to notify families through our email list.  If you are not on our email list and wish to receive updates via email, please notify Stephanie North at

Please be aware that our Hairdresser will be away on Vacation from November 8-16


We continue to enjoy our monthly Bus Trips to Walmart. At this time we are scheduling all Bus Trips a month in advance, please contact Stephanie North if you would like your loved one to attend.

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