More Information on Visiting/Caregiving & Education

We have put together a summarized information package for all visitors regarding the visiting procedures and infection control protocols. Attached you will find a letter outlining the differences between visitors and essential caregivers. Also attached is various infographics for you to view and educate yourself with infection control procedures. We advise all visitors of any kind to review all of this information, and a copy will be available to view when you attend a visit at the home. There are links in the document to videos provided by Public Health which you may find informative as well. If you are planning to become an essential caregiver you must be educated on all of these procedures prior to beginning your visits.

The package can be viewed and printed here:

Visitor Information Package – Sept 2020


Thank you all for your continued support during this time – we are all working hard and staying diligent to keep your loved ones safe and we are thankful for all of your understanding.

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