May Newsletter

With temperatures soon rising, heat related illness prevention and management is monitored more closely from May 15th to September 15th and care strategies implemented to ensure the safety of your loved one.  This starts with an assessment by our Registered Staff to identify each resident’s risk of getting a heat related illness.  Staff then use this information to care for residents by ensuring that they are receiving sufficient fluids to tolerate the changes in temperature during the hot weather season. Prior to outings, Registered Staff will provide health teaching where necessary.   Residents are encouraged to access the outside areas in good weather and instructed on how to use the exit/re-entry push buttons, where they are able to.  When the municipality is under a heat alert, residents are requested to remain indoors. If they go outside on the premises, they are monitored by their primary nurse and encouraged to have adequate fluid intake. Lastly, each area of the home is served by air conditioning and monitored to ensure a comfortable temperature for residents, visitors and staff.   If you have any questions about your loved one and this program, please call Candace Lefebvre, our Director of Care.

Any resident who currently resides in basic (ward) accommodation that has previously had a rate reduction completed, you must complete a new application form. Your current rate reduction expires June 30/21.  If this applies to you or your loved one, or if any resident in basic (ward) accommodation requires a rate reduction for the first time, please call Tricia for more information. We will need the resident’s 2020 Notice of Assessment to do the application form. 


We have had some recent changes to our management team and would like to welcome Shelley Marsh as our Food Service Nutrition Manager.  As well, we would like to congratulate Joanne Vink on her retirement and welcome our new Office Manager, Tricia Boersema.  Below is a list of our managers, along with their extensions, in the event you need to contact them with any questions you have:

Director of Nursing – Candace Lefebvre, ext. 113
Assistant Director of Care – Richelle Lucier, ext. 128
Director of Activation- Stephanie North, ext. 116
Director of Environment & Education Services – Carrie Gauthier, ext. 125
Food & Nutrition Services Manager – Shelley Marsh, ext. 123
Office Manager – Tricia Boersema, ext. 112
Maintenance – Wayne Authier, ext. 126
Resident Care Plan Co-ordinator – Tracy deBakker, ext. 121
Administrator – Tracey Maxim, ext.111


Please continue use our website to schedule Virtual Visits with your loved one.

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