March 2022 Newsletter

Thank you to all of our friends & family members who have made donations to our Memorial Garden. We are looking forward to the spring and working outside in the gardens together.

A friendly reminder to all of our family members to check our website monthly for a copy of our newsletter and calendar. If you are wanting to set up a virtual visit please call the Activation Department or visit our website to book!

We have had some questions come up lately regarding Family Council and Resident Council. Resident Council is a monthly meeting for residents only. This space allows our residents the opportunity to speak freely with each other and without staff or community members. A Family Council, if formed, would provide the same opportunity for families – a space to share, plan and brainstorm ways to best support their family members in the home. Although our current Resident Council has elected a staff member to be present, a family council would be operated by family members. We are happy to provide a space for a Family Council to meet. If you have any questions or would like to form a Family Council, please see Stephanie North

On March 16th at 2pm we will be holding a virtual education for our family members. Tara Seney from the Alzheimer’s Society will be speaking on “Dementia 101”. If you would like to attend this virtual session please contact Stephanie North at or at 519-627-1663. Stephanie will be sharing information regarding Family Councils at the end of the session.

Once again we will be booking various Bus Trips throughout the month. At this time we are scheduling all Bus Trips a month in advance, please contact the activities department if you would like your loved one to attend.

Quality Improvements
We are excited to share some our quality improvements that were implanted throughout the home over quarter 4 (Oct-Dec 2021)

  • Introduced loop slings to replace all old style clips slings
  • Additional beveled mattress purchased
  • Investigated new GOJO Soap dispensers for residents rooms
  • 2 registered staff continuing RNAO skin & wound education
  • New skin & wound cart purchased for wound care champion
  • Working on recruited new staff members to continence care team
  • Staff members continue to complete palliative care education with 1 registered staff member obtaining her CAPCE certificate
  • Carpet in Courtyard replaced with laminate
  • New phone system implemented throughout the home

Committed to the quality of life of our residents 519-627-1663