Deliveries for Family Members

Beginning Tuesday, June 2nd family members may drop off non-essential items for their loved ones.

All items MUST be properly disinfected before they can be given to the resident.  If we are unable to properly disinfect the item you are dropping off, we will need to store the items for 72 hours before we can deliver it to the resident, to ensure the safety of all of our residents & staff in the home.

  • The drop off times are Tuesdays 8-10am & Fridays 4:30-6:30pm. Non-essential items will not be accepted outside of those times as we cannot control their entry into the home.
  • A large tote will be placed in the front door vestibule.
  • Please make sure all items you are leaving are placed in a bag & labelled clearly with the resident’s name. The tote will be removed at the end of the time slots. Once items have been disinfected or stored for 72 hours we will deliver them to your family member.


On a similar note, if you are approaching the front door and see residents coming in/out while walking, please STOP and give them lots of space, allowing them time to get back inside or outside for their walk before you approach the door. Maintaining social distancing is vital to the safety of ALL of our residents & staff. If you are visiting your loved one at their window and see residents outside walking, please do not stop or get out of your vehicle to visit with them. We must remain diligent in maintaining social distancing. We understand how difficult this is, and stopping to chat may seem harmless, but we ask that you please follow these guidelines for the safety of all of our residents and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support. Stay safe!

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