December Newsletter 2020

This year’s Christmas Party looks a little different than

Normal, but we are excited to be having a Christmas Party for our residents only on December 17th. We will be sharing treats, Christmas music and cheer.


Our volunteers have generously donated gifts for all of the residents this year. We will have a traditional Christmas morning delivering gifts and celebrating together. Thank you to our Volunteer Auxiliary for thinking of our residents this Christmas season!


Welcome to Stephanie North who has joined the Fairfield Park team as the Director of Activation!


At this time, our COVID-19 risk level is considered yellow but this may change quickly! If you are planning to take a loved one out over the holidays please be sure to let the RN/RPN know a few days ahead of time so that medications or treatments may be prepared. If we change to a higher risk level, please understand that this may affect the ability of residents to leave the home.

Please utilize our drop off times for any items you are bringing for your loved one – even Christmas presents! Drop off times are Tuesdays 8-10am and Fridays 430-630pm. All items are held for 72 hours, so plan accordingly. Make sure all items are in a labelled bag at the front door, or utilize the drop off slips to label your items.

Please remember that we have staff and residents that are very sensitive to fragrances. We ask that you do not wear perfumed lotions or fragrance or purchase those for gifts.

Our hairdressing services will be available all day December 23rd and 24th to prepare for Christmas. MJ will be off on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Thank you to all of our family members, visitors, essential caregivers, volunteers and service providers for following our very strict infection control measures. Your effort is crucial to keeping our residents safe and healthy!

The Ministry of Long Term Care has updated the visiting policy for long term care homes to include the need for all caregivers, support workers and general visitors to demonstrate they have received a negative COVID-19 test result within two weeks of the date of visiting a resident via a printout or on a mobile device showing the name, test & result.

From all of the staff, volunteers and residents at Fairfield Park,

we wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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