August Newsletter!

As many of you are aware indoor visits are now being offered!  Please make sure you book visits through our online booking system found on the Fairfield Park website and click “book now @ appointlet”. Everyone coming in for a general visit must be screened prior to the visit starting. If you are fully vaccinated (have had two shots and it has been 14 days since the second one) you must provide proof to the screener prior to every visit.
If you do not have internet access or are need assistance please call the Activation Department.


At this time of year many of our residents choose to spend time outside walking and rolling. We encourage all staff and visitors to back in to their parking spots whenever possible to ensure you have a better view of any one moving through the parking lots. Please drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings.

We are excited to welcome our favourite entertainers back into the building this month! We are also excited to get out and go to Walmart this month! We will be going August 12th and 17th. Please contact Stephanie if you wish your loved one to attend our Bus Trips in September!

  We are no longer holding gifts and belongings at the front door. You can still utilize the drop off boxes and forms at the front door if you are not coming in and we will deliver the items as soon as possible. We ask that you sanitize anything you plan on bringing in during a visit with the disinfecting wipes provided on the screeners table.



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