A Sincere Thank You

We would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all of the families, friends and community members who have shown their support during this difficult time. Our staff are working hard to keep everyone safe, and we are overwhelmed by the support we have received. All gestures, both big and small, are met with smiles and appreciation from all of us. These kind gestures are giving us strength and faith to get through all of this together. We would like to thank some specific community members, however there are many who have donated anonymously or who do not want recognition.

Thank you to:

  • Tom Chatterton for your ongoing support and the wonderful signs you have been placing around the home. They make us all smile and give us a boost of confidence when we start our shifts;
  • Many people have generously donated masks and surgical caps for our staff. Thank you Helga Benoit, Karen Kennedy & the Knox Stiches of Hope, The Burm Family & Jan Shepley. Many are enjoying wearing the colourful caps at work and the masks out in the community;
  • Tim Hortons for the generous donation of coffee & donuts for the entire staff;
  • Shaykin’ Bait Variety & the Comartin Family for the donation of lunch and baked goods for staff;
  • The Browning Family for their donation of coffee for the staff;
  • Claudette & Tom Daamen for their ongoing support in the home and providing program materials for our residents;
  • Paul Vannatto for your generous donation of face shields;
  • The Little Pineapple Co for creating fun mask extenders to save our ears;
  • Cindy Feddes for the beautiful cards to lift our spirits;
  • And MANY MORE!

Please know that we are working hard to keep your loved ones safe and happy. We know these are difficult times for everyone, and the positivity from our families is inspiring. THANK YOU!

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