February 2018 News

February 2018 News

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we will be having a special supper for all of our residents with Burn’s Broasted Chicken Dinner.

We also have planned a Super Bowl Tailgate Party on Feb. 2nd for all our Residents and Staff to brighten up those winter blues with a BBQ, music and games for all to enjoy.

As well as three shopping trips, we are planning a morning trip to the Dresden Casino for several of our residents.

See your February calendar for dates and times of the many other programs and entertainment.

Our monthly Newsletter & Calendar can be viewed online, on our website at www.fairfieldpark.ca

Please find enclosed the Summary of Accommodation Charges for the Taxation Year 2017.

Please join us on February 7th, 2018 at 6pm for a presentation by
Tara Seney, Public Education Manager/ First Link® at the Alzheimer’s Society, on the 10 Warning Signs for Dementia.  Following her presentation, Tracey Maxim, Administrator at Fairfield Park, will speak briefly about the importance to residents of their right to establish a Family Council.


Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

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