December 2017 News

December 2017 News

                                                YOU ARE INVITED to a Family Christmas Party
here, at Fairfield Park on Thursday, December 7th. Please join us
for festive entertainment between 6:30 and 8:00 pm.
Please RSVP to the Activity Dept. or as to the number of
guests that will be joining us, (limit 8) so seating can be arranged. We will have live
entertainment and appetizers and desserts in both the courtyard and westside areas of the home.
We hope to see you there!!

Candace Lefebvre has joined our team at Fairfield Park, and is currently working alongside of
Brenda Regnier, who will be retiring at the end of this year, after 42 years of service!  Candace is
also an RN with 20 years of experience in long term care; 15 of which have been as a Director of Care. 
Please join us in wishing Brenda all the best in her future endeavors and welcoming Candace
to the role of Director of Care.

Many family members have booked private Family Christmas Parties in our activity room this year. We will
endeavor to have the room set up for you but in some cases we may need help to set up the tables and chairs
as the weekend activity staff are very busy with programs for the rest of our residents.
We are unable to schedule any private parties in our activity room on Dec. 25th.

Santa will be here at 9:30 Christmas morning to deliver the gifts from under our Christmas trees. All residents receive a gift from our volunteers. For those unable to take their loved one out to a family function on Christmas Day there will be a social with a self-serve pie buffet, open to all residents and their family between 2:00 – 3:30 that afternoon in our westside activity room.

If you are planning to take a loved one out over the holidays please be sure to let the RN/RPN know a few days ahead of time so that medications or treatments may be prepared.

The traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings will be served on Christmas Day.  Once again
we are limiting dinner guests that evening to spouses of residents only.  You must make arrangements ahead of time by calling Sherry, our Director of Activation.  Dinner tickets may be purchased for $10.00 each.

Please remember that we have staff and residents that are very sensitive to fragrances. We ask that you do not wear perfumed lotions or fragrance or purchase as gifts.

All new clothing must be labeled by our environmental team. If you purchase any clothing, please make sure you drop it off at the front desk in a clearly marked bag with the residents name on it, so we can send it down for labelling.

As we enter the winter season we are reminded of many things including the return of the Flu” season, also known as influenza.  Since this viral infection can cause even a healthy person to become very ill with a nasty chest infection, it is important that we protect our frail, older residents in our home.  In order to prevent the virus from entering our home, it is important that you protect yourself and our residents by getting your flu shot.  It is also important to use good hand hygiene at all times but especially when entering and leaving our home.  If you are ill or do not feel well yourself, please stay home!

A semi-annual meeting will be held December 13th, 2017 at 6:30pm to review the right of families and
persons of  importance to establish a Family Council, the role of a Family Council and to answer any
questions you might have about establishing a Family Council.

    All of the Staff and Residents at Fairfield Park
                                           Wish You and Your Family a blessed and safe
                                           Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Committed to the quality of life of our residents 519-627-1663